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McNabs Island Iced Tea; Grapefruit Sour; Touch of an Elder Ginger; Orange you glad!; The Foggy Lady

BEers on tap—5-7.5

Nova Scotia staples: Alexander Keith's; Garrison Brewery; Propeller Brewery; Good Robot, Boxing Rock

Canadian Specials: Rickard's; Mystique; Belgian Moon; Beau's

International flavours: Guinness (because what pub doesn't have it on tap?!)


Goggle sizing: 5oz / 8oz / 1/2 L

Local vintages from Nova Scotia's wine valley and international favourites.


All the whiskey! Plus domestic and premium vodkas, rums, gin, bourbons and liqueurs.


Goggle Specials: Toki Time; Celery Stalker; Staycation; Foxy Pink Lady; Forgetful Jones

And of course, we can craft any and all of your favourite and the classics! 

Sans-Alcohol Fun

It's a pub for the whole neighbourhood—and we have a tasty selection of non-alcoholic beverages and we can craft a custom beverage to suit your style. It's about being comfortable and content, whatever is in your pint glass!