A fabulous way to get some veggies in you while out on the town! The dip changes daily, ask you server for details.

Savoury waffle bites served with maple hot sauce for an extra kick!

NEW: VEGAN CHARCUTERIE—12 *Gluten Free options available
A rotating spread of dips and pickled veg, served with LF Bakery Baguette.

NEW: DONAIR DIP—12 *Gluten Free options available
Everything you love about a donair, in dip form. Served with baked corn chips.

NEW: VEGAN NACHO DIP—14 *Gluten Free options available
Everything awesome from the nacho dip, none of the dairy. Served with baked corn chips.


Goggle fav:

A larger portion of our Foggy Spuds with Lobster added. Lobster, roasted potatoes, chopped bacon, corn, & red onion all sautéed together in a rich velvety cream sauce, topped with cheese.

NEW: SEARED SCALLOPS—14 *Gluten Free options available
Delicate and delicious, these are seared to perfection and served with a cilantro and parsley harissa.

NACHO DIP—14 *Gluten Free options available
Party in your mouth! Refried beans, black beans, mixed cheese, red onion, bell peppers, salsa, jalapeños, lime sour cream, & cream cheese. Served hot with oven baked nacho chips.

FOGGY SPUDS—11 *Gluten Free options available
A Goggle Fam Favourite. Roasted potatoes, chopped Windy View Farm bacon, corn and red onion, sautéed in a rich, velvety cream sauce and topped with cheese.

Great for sharing! Served with pita points.

So delicious served with a honey dijon dipping sauce.

A pound of local, free range chicken wings. Try ‘em with your choice of Foggin’ Sauce, Apple Cider BBQ, Peanut, Hot, or Foggin’ Hot Sauce.

CHILI GARLIC PIZZA POINTS—12 *Vegan option available
Whole wheat pitas, marinara, cheddar & chili garlic aioli.

WHITE WINE MUSSELS—10 *Gluten Free option available
Straight from the sea to you. Atlantic mussels steamed with white wine, garlic & lemon. Served with garlic bread.
Also available: spicy marinara mussels - $1 extra.

OMG, lobster, garlic bread & parmesan!


~Mains & Salads~

The ultimate comfort food—with Goggle attitude. Try our classic Mac & Cheese, or dress yours up with any of our pizza toppings! Try a pulled pork and hot sauce combo, or maybe you’re looking for a tomato and bacon? Let your tastebuds run wild.
May we suggest: Bacon and Jalapeño—16 / Lobster Mac & Cheese—18

(NEW) QUINOA & HAZELNUT SALAD—15 *Gluten Free and Vegan
Mixed green salad with black beans, cucumber, bell peppers, red onion, carrots, and a hazelnut quinoa crumble, topped with toasted almonds & the feature dressing.

(NEW) El Cerdo Ensalada—16 *Gluten Free
Warm Windy View Farm pork tenderloin on a bed of greens, tossed with red onion, bell peppers, black beans, olives and a citrus vinaigrette.


Fryer-Free Foggy Goggle

We don’t deep fry at the Goggle, so some items may take a bit longer to prepare. But we know you’re going to love it!

CHICKEN CESAR SALAD—16 *Gluten Free option available
Local, free range chicken on crisp romaine tossed with herb croutons, shredded parmesan cheese, & The Goggle’s Garlic Dressing.
May we suggest: Add Windy View Farm chopped bacon—$2

THE PEANUT BOWL—15 *Gluten Free and Vegan
Roasted potatoes & greens topped with tofu, black beans, & veggies sautéed in our house made peanut sauce.

Local, free range chicken, bell peppers, red onion, carrots, beets & almonds, on greens drizzled with our Green Onion Dijon Dressing.

Local, free range chicken with bell peppers, jalapeños, red onion, and cheese in a whole wheat tortilla. Served with salsa, sour cream, and your choice of side.

Slow roasted for 10 hours in our Propeller Root Beer sauce, and served with your choice of side.



BUILD YOUR OWN 12" thin crust whole wheat pizza with our signature marinara sauce and your choice of toppings. Add $2 for a 9" GLUTEN FREE quinoa crust.

BASIC: $10 / 12" pizza with cheese


1 / tomato, red onion, mushrooms, carrots, banana peppers, bell peppers, hot sauce, jalapeños, roasted potatoes, capers, black beans, nutritional yeast

2 / olives, donair sauce, harissa, chili garlic aioli, almond aioli, caramelized onions, extra cheese

3 / black forest ham, bacon, Brother's Pepperoni, pulled pork, tofu, vegan cheese, goat cheese, parmesan

5 / smoked salmon, housemade donair meat, lobster, chicken


~Specialty Pizzas~

GOGGLE PIZZA—15 *Gluten Free option available
Marinara, bacon, mushroom, red onion, chili garlic aioli, mixed cheddar & parmesan

SEAFOOD PIZZA—17 *Gluten Free option available
White wine cream sauce, scallops, smoked salmon, capers, red onion, parmesan & dill

VEGETARIAN PIZZA—15 *Gluten Free option available
Marinara, olives, banana peppers, cremini mushroom, chili garlic aioli, goat cheese & parmesan

(NEW) VEGAN PIZZA—15 *Gluten Free option available
Marinara, bell peppers, vegan cheese sauce, spinach and harissa

~Burgers & Sandwiches~

(NEW) CUBANO SANDWICH—16 *Gluten Free option available
Rubbed pork tenderloin seared and thinly sliced, with refried beans, mayo and tomato on a toasted LF Bakery baguette.

(NEW) MOROCCAN BURGER—16 *Vegan; Gluten Free option available
Brown rice and lentil patty, topped with sweet potato and date chutney, green harissa and almond aioli.


Goggle fav:

It's glorious. Local, free range chicken, house-made donair meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, & hot pepper mayo on a fresh bun. Served with your choice of roasted potatoes, soup of the day or a house side salad.

Refried beans, sweet potato and date chutney, banana peppers, red onion, salsa and cheese in a tortilla wrap, baked golden delicious.

GOGGLE BURGER—16 *Gluten Free option available
Local, free range beef patty, topped with caramelized onions, bacon, aged smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo, & mustard.

Local, free range pork that’s been slow cooked for 10 hours in beer and drizzled with our Organic Apple Cider BBQ sauce. Served on a kaiser with our coleslaw.

THAI PEANUT BURGER—17 *Gluten Free option available
Local, free range, beef patty, with peanut sauce, caramelized onions, bacon, mustard, mayo, & shredded carrots.

HADDOCK BURGER—16 *Gluten Free option available
Breaded, pan fried haddock with lemon pepper aioli, topped with coleslaw. It’s off the hook!


~Desserts & Delights~

TORTE 3000—9 *Gluten Free and Vegan
Mini version of our awesome chocolate torte piled high on warm chocolate cream and topped with raspberry Ironworks compote and toasted almonds.

 TAHINI BROWNIE—9 *Gluten Free
Served warm, this brownie is a mix of chocolate and tahini, sitting in a tangy citrus sauce and topped with a house-made sesame wafer.

CRISP A LA MODE—9 *Gluten Free
Grammie’s crisp recipe using locally sourced apples and blueberries and topped with house-made butterscotch sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.